[checkmk-commits] Check_MK Git: check_mk: Added comments into example notification script

git version control git at mathias-kettner.de
Thu Nov 8 09:37:45 CET 2012

Module: check_mk
Branch: master
Commit: 62d22fea12c0b30a5e437e124b8201662b30fede
URL:    http://git.mathias-kettner.de/git/?p=check_mk.git;a=commit;h=62d22fea12c0b30a5e437e124b8201662b30fede

Author: Mathias Kettner <mk at mathias-kettner.de>
Date:   Thu Nov  8 09:37:42 2012 +0100

Added comments into example notification script


 notifications/debug |   19 +++++++++++++++++--
 1 files changed, 17 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/notifications/debug b/notifications/debug
index c9ee5b4..8cf29ee 100755
--- a/notifications/debug
+++ b/notifications/debug
@@ -1,6 +1,21 @@
 # Debug Notifications
-# Turn on notification logging and you will see the environment in
-# your notification logfile (var/check_mk/notify/notify.log)
+# This notification script is just an example and shows how the
+# script is being called:
+# Check_MK will call this without an command line arguments.
+# All information is passed in environment variables that begin
+# with NOTIFY_.
+# This debug script will fetch those variables and simply
+# write them to the standard output. If you have enabled
+# notification logging by setting notification_logging=1
+# or notification_logging=2 in main.mk (or via WATO in the
+# global settings: Notification -> Debug notifications, then
+# you will see this output in the notitifcation log file.
+# Under OMD this file is in ~/var/check_mk/notify/notify.log.
+# Please refer to the official documentation for more details.
 env | grep NOTIFY_ | sort

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