[checkmk-commits] Check_MK Git: check_mk: Moved all Unix plugin into one directory

Mathias Kettner mk at mathias-kettner.de
Sun Aug 24 11:09:55 CEST 2014

Module: check_mk
Branch: master
Commit: 4a0aba18bb02ac449e50d4f13c437fbf7bef9008
URL:    http://git.mathias-kettner.de/git/?p=check_mk.git;a=commit;h=4a0aba18bb02ac449e50d4f13c437fbf7bef9008

Author: Mathias Kettner <mk at mathias-kettner.de>
Date:   Sun Aug 24 11:03:15 2014 +0200

Moved all Unix plugin into one directory


 agents/{hpux => plugins}/hpux_lunstats                  |    0
 agents/{hpux => plugins}/hpux_statgrab                  |    0
 agents/{solaris/mk_oracle => plugins/mk_oracle.solaris} |    0
 agents/{solaris => plugins}/nfsexports.solaris          |    0
 4 files changed, 0 insertions(+), 0 deletions(-)

diff --git a/agents/hpux/hpux_lunstats b/agents/plugins/hpux_lunstats
similarity index 100%
rename from agents/hpux/hpux_lunstats
rename to agents/plugins/hpux_lunstats
diff --git a/agents/hpux/hpux_statgrab b/agents/plugins/hpux_statgrab
similarity index 100%
rename from agents/hpux/hpux_statgrab
rename to agents/plugins/hpux_statgrab
diff --git a/agents/solaris/mk_oracle b/agents/plugins/mk_oracle.solaris
similarity index 100%
rename from agents/solaris/mk_oracle
rename to agents/plugins/mk_oracle.solaris
diff --git a/agents/solaris/nfsexports.solaris b/agents/plugins/nfsexports.solaris
similarity index 100%
rename from agents/solaris/nfsexports.solaris
rename to agents/plugins/nfsexports.solaris

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