[checkmk-commits] [tribe29/checkmk] 56f89d: [CMK-2162] [CMK-2192] [CMK-2241] - big merge(cherr...

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Mon Jun 17 10:04:17 CEST 2019

  Branch: refs/heads/1.6.0
  Home:   https://github.com/tribe29/checkmk
  Commit: 56f89d1e1179009afe9640e69d92c28e6cbed9eb
  Author: Sergey Kipnis <sergey.kipnis at tribe29.com>
  Date:   2019-06-17 (Mon, 17 Jun 2019)

  Changed paths:
    M agents/wnx/build_release.cmd
    A agents/wnx/call_integration_tests.cmd
    M agents/wnx/include/tools/_misc.h
    M agents/wnx/install/resources/check_mk.yml
    A agents/wnx/integration/DummyPlugin.cc
    A agents/wnx/integration/MontyPython.cc
    A agents/wnx/integration/_test_agent_start_parameters.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/_test_section_logfiles.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/_test_section_mrpe.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/_test_section_openhardwaremonitor.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/_test_section_plugin_group.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/install.md
    A agents/wnx/integration/it_utils.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/local.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/test_section_check_mk.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/test_section_df.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/test_section_dotnet_clrmemory.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/test_section_eventlog.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/test_section_fileinfo.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/test_section_mem.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/test_section_ps.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/test_section_services.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/test_section_spool.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/test_section_systemtime.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/test_section_uptime.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/test_section_winperf.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/test_section_wmi_cpuload.py
    A agents/wnx/integration/test_section_wmi_webservices.py
    M agents/wnx/prepare_to_tests.cmd
    M agents/wnx/src/common/cfg_info.h
    M agents/wnx/src/common/wtools.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/common/wtools.h
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/async_answer.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/async_answer.h
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/cfg.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/cma_core.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/cma_core.h
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/eventlog/eventlogstd.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/external_port.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/external_port.h
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/logger.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/on_start.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/on_start.h
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/providers/check_mk.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/providers/check_mk.h
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/providers/fileinfo.h
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/providers/logwatch_event.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/providers/mem.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/providers/plugins.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/providers/ps.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/providers/ps.h
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/providers/wmi.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/providers/wmi.h
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/realtime.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/realtime.h
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/section_header.h
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/service_processor.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/service_processor.h
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/windows_service_api.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/engine/windows_service_api.h
    M agents/wnx/src/main/check_mk_service.cpp
    M agents/wnx/src/main/check_mk_service.h
    M agents/wnx/src/player/player.h
    M agents/wnx/test_files/config/check_mk_dev.yml
    M agents/wnx/watest/test-player.cpp
    M agents/wnx/watest/test-plugin.cpp
    M agents/wnx/watest/test-realtime.cpp
    M agents/wnx/watest/test-section_fileinfo.cpp
    M agents/wnx/watest/test-section_ps.cpp
    M agents/wnx/watest/test-section_wmi.cpp
    M agents/wnx/watest/test-service-processor.cpp
    M agents/wnx/watest/test-yaml.cpp
    A agents/wnx/watest/test_check_mk.cpp
    M agents/wnx/watest/watest.vcxproj
    M agents/wnx/watest/watest.vcxproj.filters

  Log Message:
  [CMK-2162] [CMK-2192] [CMK-2241] - big merge(cherry-pick) changes for a beta-2 from the master.

[CMK-2192] - precommit

[CMK-2192] - possibility to use another root/user folder

- minor: CheckMk -> CheckMK
- simple unit test

[CMK-2192] - base test integration of the windows client

[CMK-2192] - fixed client command line to use for integration test

- minor: '-exec' command line option is replaced with 'exec' or 'adhoc'
- minor: added '-log' to exec/adhoc to provide info on screen in real time
- refactoring: removed next bool as function parameter
- log: removed excessive and info-less timeout 0

[CMK-2192] - integration test with df section

- fixed for all HDD combinations
- removed useless Linux code
- removed useless files like remote.py and lock.py
- minimal refactoring

[CMK-2192] - integration test with ps

- fixed df, multiply volumes are supported too
- comments to clear situation with actual data replication

[CMK-2192] - integration test with check_mk, uptime and systemtime

- fixed only_from output in windows agent
- typos
- unit testing

[CMK-2162] [CMK-2192] - fix to obtain almost only positive numbers in WMI(required for integration tests)

- used special function, to be replacedin the future with something more reliable
- minor: internal low level trace for negative numbers in WMI added

[CMK-2192] - wmi cpuload integrations test is fixed

Position of the 0 is properly calculated now. Debug feature.

[CMK-2192] - integration tests: spool and mem

[CMK-2192] - integration tests: services

- minor: improved error output

[CMK-2192] - integration tests: winperf

- fixed error in services regex

[CMK-2192] - integration tests: dotnet_clrmemory, fileinfo

[CMK-2192] [CMK-2162] - integration tests: webservices, eventlog(disabled)

- fixed error in Windows Agent eventlog Section: now non-monitored eventlogs save their last position on every kick in the state file(more or less compatible with LWA and saves traffic)
- eventlog integration test is postponed

[CMK-2162] - fileinfo switched to mode legacy, 1.5.0p17 doesn't support modern mode

- related unit tests are correct

[CMK-2162] - plugins and local sections moved to the end of output. Requirements from 1.5.0(and potential upgrade/migrate)

- base unit test for AsyncAnswer.

[CMK-2162] - cache hack is not applied to the '<<<<>>>>'

- refactored a bit
- minor: log improvement.

[CMK-2162] - wmi uses tab instead of comma as requested

- integration tests repaired
- minor:refactoring to string_view
- minor: log improved

[CMK-2241] - fix for integration test

- added WMIStatus support
- comma is changed to tab

[CMK-2241] - removed test of OHM as useless and not stable

[CMK-2087] - replaced separator ',' with '\t' to avoid broken checks.

[CMK-2162] - log improvement

- added command line parameter -logall, possible exec -log or exec -logall
- restored integration tests
- minor:refactoring

[CMK-2192] - dotnet section skips integration test if timeout hits(low probability)

- legacy and new
- fixed cpuload

[CMK-2162] - fixed realtime encryption

- minor: added unit testing for fixed parameters
- minor: a bit refactored

[CMK-2192] - generic protection against wmi timeout during integration tests

[CMK-2192] - integration tests refactored and a bit corrected

[CMK-2162] - WMIStatus on timeout fixed

- mandatory refactoring and unit testing
- minor: logging improved

Change-Id: I6f5f1e2efb1a0a4eb3555ccba30ea1aa7e406c72

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