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No that didn't help - When I look at where it stores the logs it pulled it is only storing when I am seeing in the HTML output of check_mk multisite.  This would have to be a flag somewhere in configuration file to pull more detail either on the client side or server side.

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There is a "hide Context" or "Show Context" button at the top of the page which puts shows any related lines near the reported line.   That sometimes hrhelps...

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I have a question about the way the log fetcher works on windows:

An example line item:

Crit 2011-08-04 22:21:00
Aug 04 22:22:56 49158.10 volsnap

Is there a way to get more information in the line item?
Event ID, description of event, etc?

I don't think I should have to visit the actual event log to find out what Check_MK's log poller is referring to.

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