[Check_mk (english)] display's in "check_mk multi-site"

maper maper at strangiato.com
Sun Aug 7 04:00:50 CEST 2011

This may just be a layout issue, but I just wanted to verify.

I am adding the following commands to main.mk:

extra_host_conf["alias"] = [
        ( "PN Pix 525", ["pnpix"] ),

extra_host_conf["notes"] = [
        ( "This is a note - not a comment" , ["pnpix"] ),

After running check_mk -O I see both the note and the alias in the classic Nagios GUI - of course I still never liked that it doesn't show the alias on the default list of hosts.  When I drill into a host I see everything.

What's also weird is Thruk shows the notes the same as the classic Nagios GUI, but doesn't show the Alias.

My biggest question is how the alias and notes make their way into Check_MK multi-site - my preferred mgmt interface.  When I click on Host Status, the field for Host alias is just the same as Hostname and the field Custom host notes is blank.

Please advise.

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