[Check_mk (english)] Define Contact Group for Specific Host ?

Lander, Scott slander at hearstsc.com
Wed Aug 10 18:24:53 CEST 2011

service_contactgroups = [
        ( ' ntfy_grp1', ["van-blackberry"], ALL_HOSTS, ALL_SERVICES),

Do do one group of services, - say just disk (fs) it would be something like:
service_contactgroups = [
        ( ' ntfy_grp1', ["van-blackberry"], ALL_HOSTS, ['fs_*']),

Note, also, that usually you would want the syntax service_contactgroups += [
And all_hosts += [

Note the + - this makes it an append, rather than a replace....

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Can anyone help me here, I want to add a contact to a specific host being checked, and get notification on any host/service down for that host definition.

If the host is defined as:

all_hosts =  [  'van-blackberry|win']

To get custom notification, I would do:

host_contactgroups = [
        ( 'ntfy_grp1', van-blackberry,),

service_contactgroups = [
        ( ' ntfy_grp1', van-blackberry, [""] ),

Then in my Nagios configuration, I would have a "ntfy_grp1" contact group with the contacts I want in it.

Would this be the correct way to define it?


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