[Check_mk (english)] How to ingore a check from being inventoried?

Mirza Dedic mirde at oppy.com
Fri Aug 26 23:16:35 CEST 2011


I am trying not to inventory the win_dhcp_pools & win_dhcp_pools.stats check on some of my hosts, my configuration for ignoring it as per below:

ignored_services +[(["nodhcp"], ALL_HOSTS, ["win_dhcp_pools.*"]),]

But if I run the check, I can see the service being inventoried...

OMD[nagios]:~/etc/check_mk$ check_mk -II van-blackberry
df                1 new checks
mem.used          1 new checks
systemtime        1 new checks
uptime            1 new checks
win_dhcp_pools.stats 1 new checks
winperf.cpuusage  1 new checks
winperf.diskstat  1 new checks

OMD[nagios]:~/etc/check_mk$ check_mk -v van-blackberry
Check_mk version 1.1.10p3
CPU Usage            OK - 12% used / 2 CPUs (in last 3 secs)
DHCP Stats           UNKNOWN - Information not available
Disk IO              OK - reading 2.2 MB/s, writing 1.6 MB/s (in last 3 secs)
Memory used          OK - 1.72 GB RAM+SWAP used (this is 86.2% of RAM size)
System Time          OK - Offset is +2.3 sec (levels at 30/60 sec)
Uptime               OK - up since Mon May  2 09:51:22 2011 (116d 04:24:06)
fs_C:/               OK - 57.5% used (57.49 of 100.0 GB), (levels at 95.0/98.0%)
OK - Agent version 1.1.10p3, execution time 0.8 sec|execution_time=0.789

My goal is to not have the DHCP Stats inventoried, so that it does not show up.

Can anyone please help me with my syntax to get this working?


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