[Check_mk (english)] connection against check_mk_agent on windows server is hanging and no results being returned

Fritsch, Jens jens.fritsch at logica.com
Mon Nov 21 20:22:40 CET 2011

Which Windows server version do you use (and 32bit ord 64bit?) ? Is the version the same on all hosts?


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Betreff: [Check_mk (english)] connection against check_mk_agent on windows server is hanging and no results being returned

I have deployed Nagios in several small-to-medium environments. The last
two I did with super brand new check_mk plugin. Generally I really like the
concept and the way plugin works, but I have experienced problems with
connecting to the agent on some windows based servers.

The agent responded irregulary couple of days and then from now I just get
connection refused in plugin status. If I try telnet to port 6556, either I
get connection refused immediately or connection opens and just hangs on
for minutes without any progress or results to be returned. The bottom line
is that plugin simply doesn't work.

At the other hand, two other windows servers answer without any problem,
all the time.

All servers have installed check_mk.1.1.12p1 with default ini file and have
more or less the same config (Windows Firewall is switched off).

Do you know what can be the problem or where/how should I start
troubleshooting? I would not like to go back to NSClient++, but I will have
to if I don't fix this one :(

Zoran Milenkovic

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