[Check_mk (english)] Monitoring user-cpu utilization

sven.kieske at compact.de sven.kieske at compact.de
Thu Nov 15 13:56:38 CET 2012


did anybody do this?
We have high utilization just for user, not for system and wait.

The manpage of kernel.util states, that just "wait" is producing 
warnings and criticals.

I just found this german thread on the internetz: 
which states you should modify the source and make it a local check.

Well, I don't think this is a good idea, so, does anybody monitor user 
related cpu utilization with check_mk/omd, and if you do this, how?

I can't believe I'm just the third person with this kind of problem.

@ check_mk team: do you have maybe any plans on extending this check in 
the near future? why not just make it configurable?
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