[Check_mk (english)] Windows pagefile check does not actually report pagefile usage

Mäkelä, Antti Antti.Makela at vintor.fi
Tue Aug 27 15:58:19 CEST 2013


  We have noticed something when monitoring our Windows servers. The "Memory and pagefile" check (mem.win) does not actually show how much of pagefile is in use. In "pagefile", it actually shows committed memory and total memory, counting both real and virtual memory (RAM + pagefile). Is this intentional?

  We were wondering why some of our servers started alerting even when pagefile wasn't really in use. The reason was that we had limited the pagefiles' size, and with a tiny pagefile, the committed memory started is almost equal to the amount of RAM. And when the default alert level is 50% then this kind of created false alarms..

  Is this by design, or is this a bug? It would be much better if the agent would actually measure *pagefile* usage, meaning substracting physical memory from committed memory.


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