[Check_mk (english)] Define host_group by multiple host_tags

Stier, Matthew Matthew.Stier at us.fujitsu.com
Tue Feb 5 12:58:12 CET 2013

I don't believe this will work.  It will simply define Store as the list of hosts with tag PC, and then redefine it as the list of hosts with tag Cashbox.

The only way to properly 'or' these groups would be to create a new tag and assign that tag to all hosts that have the PC and Cashbox tags.  Then use that tag to define Store.

IE: Add a 'store' tag each host that has a PC or Cashbox tag, and then create a 'Store' host_group based upon the 'store' tag.

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Hi Philipp,

hosttags are not OR'ed but AND'ed - so hostgroup 'store' should include all hosts with tags 'PC' AND 'Cashbox'.

If that's not wanted try to define this (untested):

host_groups = [
  ('Cashboxes',    [ 'Cashbox' ],           ALL_HOSTS ),
  ('PCs',          [ 'PC' ],                ALL_HOSTS ),
  ('Test',         [ 'Test' ],              ALL_HOSTS ),
  ('Store',        [ 'PC' ],    ALL_HOSTS ),
  ('Store',        [ 'Cashbox' ],    ALL_HOSTS ),


2013/2/5 Preß, Philipp <philipp.press at dm.de<mailto:philipp.press at dm.de>>

I'm having issues defining a host_group by multiple host_tags:

define_hostgroups = True
define_servicegroups = True

all_hosts = [

host_groups = [
  ('Cashboxes',    [ 'Cashbox' ],           ALL_HOSTS ),
  ('PCs',          [ 'PC' ],                ALL_HOSTS ),
  ('Test',         [ 'Test' ],              ALL_HOSTS ),
  ('Store',        [ 'PC', 'Cashbox', ],    ALL_HOSTS ),

Host_groups defined by only one host_tag (Cashbox, PC, Test) show up on Icinga Web. The 'Store' host_group however, that should group together Cashboxes and PCs, does not.

Am I missing a point here?

Thanks in advance.


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