[Check_mk (english)] check_snmp "hangs"

Chris Bennett chris at ceegeebee.com
Fri Sep 27 12:43:04 CEST 2013

Hi Jost,

> Well, that seemed too easy to me but yes, you were right. I copied
> all the MIBs from the old Nagios system over to
> /omd/sites/<mysite>/.snmp/mibs and now check_snmp works fine with
> that host. Thanks a lot!


> So I guess this is a bug in the version that ships with OMD 1.0? OS
> of my OMD host is Debian 7.1/AMD64 by the way.

Most likely.

If you feel motivated, convert your check_snmp check to a CMK check..
It's much nicer to have items inventorised during discovery, and even
manage thresholds via WATO, plus you could share the result with the
community.. :)

Glad to hear you got your problems sorted out though.



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