[Check_mk (english)] notes_url in check_mk configuration

Stanislas LEVEAU stanislas.leveau at ac-caen.fr
Tue Dec 2 17:02:00 CET 2014


I would like to replace my old nagios configuration by check_mk 
configuration and add a notes_url in check_mk configuration but I don't 
know how to add it . Is it possible?

- My old nagios configuration with notes_url

define service{
     use                     generic-service
     host_name               hostname
     service_description     Service xyz
     check_command           check_tcp!20432
     notes_url http://mydomain/mediawiki/index.php/Service_xyz

- My new check_mk configuration

legacy_checks = [
   ( ( "check_tcp!20432!-w 1 -c 2", "Service xyz", True ), [ "hostname" 
] ),

- Mail notification with old nagios configuration

Notification Type: PROBLEM

Service: Service xyz
Host: hostname

Date/Time: Wed Nov 26 16:32:17 CET 2014 Additional Info : Not found

  Action : http://mydomain/mediawiki/index.php/Service_xyz

Thanks in advance.


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