[Check_mk (english)] Windows Print Queues?

Tim AtLee T.AtLee at cfertech.com
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Hi Alex

Thanks for this!  Much more elegant than anything I would have written!


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This is what we use
Its a local check that also record the Queue lengh as perf data.
To install:
Place script in Check_mk\local folder on the windows server, then rescan inventory. All your printers will show up.


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On Tue, Dec 23, 2014 at 7:19 AM, Tim AtLee <T.AtLee at cfertech.com<mailto:T.AtLee at cfertech.com>> wrote:

Before I set off on finding something in Nagios, or writing my own..  has anyone written, or seen anything to monitor individual print server queues in Windows?  I’ve got some older printers that tend to need a restart every now and then, and it’s pretty obvious by how backed up the print queue is.



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