[Check_mk (english)] separating monitor host and target host

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Wed Oct 8 17:25:49 CEST 2014

With check_mk you can make such a setup with the "piggyback" mechanic.
There the agent from one host grabs data for another host.
Inside the documentation for ESX monitoring you can find some information.
It is the same way for your servers like it is done for virtual machines
inside the ESX environment.
http://mathias-kettner.de/checkmk_vsphere.html#H1:Monitoring Virtual

With your local checks it is very easy make a small wrapper script around
your local checks who "wrap" the output with the piggyback information like
the following.
<<<other section>>>

Four <<<< will start such a piggyback section and the same to end the


2014-10-08 17:17 GMT+02:00 Riccardo Murri <riccardo.murri at uzh.ch>:

> Hello,
> I'm new to check_mk -- so please excuse if this is already answered in
> the documentation and I did not find the answer.
> Is there a way to tell check_mk that a check needs to run on one host,
> but is relative to another host?  Case in point: we have some hardware
> (e.g., switches or IPMI service processors) which provide interesting
> data over a custom interface.  It's relatively easy to extract those
> data using a script, but:
> - the Nagios server (host `mon`) does not have access to the target
>   (host `ib`);
> - if we try to use local checks on a host that has access to the
>   target (host `gw`), then check_mk will inventory those checks as
>   relative to the host that runs the script.
> In plain Nagios config, I would just define the checks in the target so
> that
> `check_command` runs the check on host `gw`.  More or less like this:
>         define service {
>           check_command check_nrpe!-H!gw!-c!check_ib_status
>           host_name     ib
>           # ...
>         }
> Is there a way to accomplish this via check_mk?
> Thanks,
> Riccardo
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