[Check_mk (english)] SNMP behind a DMZ

Jim Welch jim.welch at oit.gatech.edu
Thu Feb 5 16:27:10 CET 2015

He *could* add local checks to host B to report the status of the
devices. (have to write custom checks, or modify standard checks
to output data in the local check format) They would show up as
local checks under host B, but if he named the services correctly,
it would not be too confusing.

On 02/05/2015 10:03 AM, Marcel Schulte wrote:
> Hi Denis,
> unfortunately you won't be able to use check_mk checks woithout a 
> remote site. Multisite is the only solution for this.
> Regards,
> Marcel
> Denis Barbazza <denis.barbazza at gmail.com 
> <mailto:denis.barbazza at gmail.com>> schrieb am Thu Feb 05 2015 at 14:38:40:
>     Hi All,
>     I started using check_mk some months ago and I find it fantastic!!!
>     Now I have a question and I haven't found any solutions surfing
>     internet....
>     - My check_mk host is host A, and it has complete access to host B;
>     - I have some SNMP legacy devices connected to a vpn on host B
>     - How can I instruct check_mk to run the snmp command in the
>     remote host? Or is there something to "proxy" the request?
>     I prefer to not use a multisite solutions.
>     I've see mrpe but it seems usable only for hold nagios check and
>     not for the check_mk checks.
>     I've see datasource_programs but it permit me to only
>     check-mk-agent through ssh or something else, I would like to
>     start an snmp check from ssh. Is this possible?
>     Thank you all
>     -- 
>     Denis
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