[Check_mk (english)] Port defined above 10 Mbps donot reflect in the Graphs for respective Port.

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Mon Feb 9 19:53:19 CET 2015

Hi Nilanchal,

beside the thoughts from Marcel I have one more thing to check.

>>> On Tue, Jan 27, 2015 at 9:01 PM, Nilanchal Panigrahi <
>>> nup0310 at nilanchal.com> wrote:
>>>> Please find the output for 2 devices.
>>>> 1. Doesnot show the port speed in graphs tabs as port speed is set to
>>>> 25Mbps.
>>>> Check_mk version 1.2.4b7
>>>> Interface FastEthernet0/2/1 WARN - [PRM Vodafone_MPLS 25 Mbps Link]
>>>> (up) MAC: a4:93:4c:4c:09:a7, 25.00MBit/s (wrong speed, expected:
>>>> 25.60MBit/s)(!), in: 189.2KBit/s(0.1%/25.60MBit/s), 5min avg: 188.5KBit/s,
>>>> out: 550.5KBit/s(0.3%/25.60MBit/s), 5min avg: 3.87MBit/s
>>>> (in=23651.579777;2240000;2560000;0;3200000 inucast=235.800956;;;;
>>>> innucast=0;;;; indisc=0;;;; inerr=0;5;10;; out=68815.964649;2240000;2560000;0;3200000
>>>> outucast=215.984173;;;; outnucast=0;;;; outdisc=0;;;; outerr=0;5;10;;
>>>> outqlen=0;;;0.0; in_avg_5=23567.892407;2240000;2560000;0;25600000
>>>> out_avg_5=483972.992386;2240000;2560000;0;25600000)
>>>> At all your interfaces you get the error message "wrong speed, expected
xx MBits" - how do you define the interface bandwidth inside WATO for this

If it should work the right way you have only to define the "assumed
input/output speed". The output of the check will look like the following,

Interface HP lt4112 Gobi 4G Module OK - [1] (up) 75.00MBit/s, in:
9.1KBit/s(0.1%/7.00MBit/s), out: 35.6KBit/s(0.5%/7.00MBit/s)

Inside my graphs all looks ok - upper and lower limit at 7 MBits.
If I change the assumed speed to something like 14MBits the output looks
like this.

Interface HP lt4112 Gobi 4G Module OK - [1] (up) 75.00MBit/s, in:
48.2KBit/s(0.3%/14.00MBit/s), out: 9.4KBit/s(0.1%/14.00MBit/s)

And now the PNP graph is limited to 10MBit upper and lower if the
connection don't use more the 10MBit. If you want to view the full
configured bandwidth you have to edit the PNP template for your needs.

Inside check_mk-if.php you will find the following lines. (line 83 ..)

if ($mBandwidthH < 10)
    $range = $mBandwidthH;
    $range = 10.0;

Now you see from where you get the limit. If I change the else statement to
the same as the first then i will get every time the limits inside my
graphs. But pay attention this will affect all graphs.
Normally I don't want this behavior as also 10GBit interface will show then
very high limits inside the graphs and you don't see any traffic there.

Best regards
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