[Check_mk (english)] Disable inventory of if64 per host

Andrea Gabellini - SC andrea.gabellini.sc at telecomitalia.sm
Thu Feb 12 23:39:51 CET 2015

Thank you for the suggestion!!

The documentation says that ignored_checktypes disables the check
globally and not per host.

There is the ignored_checks variable. I tryed it. The inventory don't
shows the if or if64 results, but check_mk runs the SNMP query anyhow

I don't want  the SNMP engine queries the if or if64 check during the

Il 11/02/2015 18:15, Andreas Döhler ha scritto
> Yes, with ignored check_types you can build a rule for every device
> with forbidden checks. You must also include the normal if check on
> this devices as most if64 port are possible to inventories as if ports.
> Best regards
> Andreas
> Andrea Gabellini - SC <andrea.gabellini.sc at telecomitalia.sm
> <mailto:andrea.gabellini.sc at telecomitalia.sm>> schrieb am Wed Feb 11
> 2015 at 12:18:44:
>     Hi,
>     I have some equipments with many many interfaces that I don't want to
>     inventorize/monitor.
>     When I launch the inventory on these hosts, the GUI go in timeout, and
>     with the CLI I get some minutes. During this time the equipments have
>     problems ;-)
>     Is it possible to disable the if64 plugin from the inventory per host?
>     Thanks,
>     Andrea
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