[Check_mk (english)] Adding site name to the event view for distributed monitoring

Michael Logothetis michael.logothetis at zynstra.com
Fri Feb 13 17:16:34 CET 2015

I am trying to set up a distributed monitoring environment where several Remote Monitoring Servers forward Notifications to a Central Monitoring Server running the Event Console.

Each Remote Monitoring Server is visible in the Central Monitoring Server via a Distributed Monitoring Connection to each Remote Site using livestatus.

Each Remote Monitoring Server has a Notification Rule to forward its Notifications to a Remote Event Console (that is running on the Central Monitoring Server).

I have modified the Event Console Events view to include the Site Alias as a column in the view.

What I would like to see in the Event Console is:

Site, Event ID, State, Level, Host, Rule, Application, Message etc.

This appears to work except in the situation where multiple sites have hosts with the same hostname (e.g. localhost). What I see in this instance is that all events for the host localhost appear to come from the same site, even though they were actually generated via notifications from different sites. It appears as though the Site field is being derived by finding the first Site containing a host with the hostname localhost.

I am not sure if this configuration is supported or whether what I want to achieve can be done in some other way.

I am using OMD 1.2.6b9 (subscription) on both the Central and Remote Servers.

Any guidance would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance, Michael.

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