[Check_mk (english)] agent permissions -

Matt Taggart matt at lackof.org
Sun Feb 15 01:30:34 CET 2015

Jolyon Brown writes:
> Many thanks - so that's what you are using at the moment? Did you see a
> performance impact on your monitoring server as a result?

We have <100 hosts and the nagios/check_mk host is barely using any CPU so 
it's hard to say if there is an ssh related impact, but I suspect not much. 
If you were doing tens of thousands of hosts maybe, but then you'd probably 
be multisite anyway or you'd just buy a faster server. I guess one thing 
I'd recommend is make sure to monitor available entropy on the server and 
if needed get a hardware RNG.

I wouldn't consider setting it up without ssh, even on a private network. 
There is no reason why transport shouldn't be encrypted for everything now.

Matt Taggart
matt at lackof.org

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