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Davide Del Grande davide.delgrande at lanewan.it
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Did not realize it! Having checkboxes definitely helps.
Thank you!

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Hi Davide,

Simply create a tag group for each role and only one tag in that group. You will get check boxes for that groups...


Davide Del Grande <davide.delgrande at lanewan.it<mailto:davide.delgrande at lanewan.it>> schrieb am Fr., 20. Feb. 2015 11:23:

I'm using OMD 1.20.
If you create auxiliary tags with a Custom Topic, there seem to be a bug in wato where you cannot actually use those tags in rules if at least 1 tag group does not exist under the same topic name.
I can workaround this by creating a "fictitious" tag group just for that, though.

But, even with that, there seem to be no way to manually assign auxiliary tags to hosts/folders, ie: without using tag groups, but to assign them in single host/folder config.
Consider this use case: you define auxiliary tags that specify "roles" of your servers, like "File Server", "Domain Controller", "Printer Server", etc.
Of course, a single server can have multiple roles installed.
It would be very nice to use auxiliary tags and manually assign them to hosts and later use them in rules for monitoring.
If I used aux tags, I would have to create tag groups with all possible combinations of aux tags for "roles" - this is unpractical.
Instead I think I'll need to define single tag groups, each for every host "role", with only 2 values(choices) like "is not installed" / "is installed".

Am I missing something or they work just like this?
Thank you!

Davide DG.
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