[Check_mk (english)] check_mk multisite (OMD): Overview of local sites?

Alan Murrell lists at murrell.ca
Wed Feb 25 10:18:29 CET 2015


I am wondering if, with an OMD install, if one creates multiple sites, 
is there a way to have an overview of all those sites?  Could this be 
done via the "distributed monitoring" config, except specifying the 
local server/sites?

My use case is this: I have a client who has one big site and a few 
smaller, "satellite" offices, connected to the main site by VPN.  None 
of the "satellite" offices are big enough to justify their own OMD 
installations, so I plan on monitoring them via the OMD install at the 
main site, but I would still like to keep each location seperate.

So I am thinking something like this:

   - Create a site for each location ("site1", "site2", "site3", etc.)
   - Setup monitoring and access for each site's devices under the 
appropriate site
   - Create another site with a name for the organisation itself
   - Under the "Organisation Site", consolidate the various locations 
into an overall view/management (possibly using the distributed 
monitoring config)

Is the above feasible?  If not, it is not the end of the world; I can 
just create the devices for each location under a single site and put 
the site name as part of the device name (e.g., "[site1] Switch 1"), but 
if it can be done as individual sites, that would be preferred :-)

Thanks! :-)



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