[Check_mk (english)] Detecting new hosts with No check_mk agent installed

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Hi Andreas,

Thanks for your reply, although a totally valid approach, it’s not really what I am after. I wanted something like the check_mk check, but for this to be active as soon as a host is added and not as it is now only after a successful check of the agent.



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I would search for all Services with name "check_mk|ping" and this on all hosts with hosttag "check_mk agent" or "dual check". The hosttag search must be done as two searches as hosttags are linked with logical "and" inside Multisite GUI.
Then you will get a list of all hosts configured with agent access and you see all the agent version number and hosts with only a ping check. This hosts are configured for agent access but had no inventory done.

Best regards

Dollemore, Mark (London)(c) <Mark.Dollemore at man.com<mailto:Mark.Dollemore at man.com>> schrieb am Do., 26. Feb. 2015 um 12:50 Uhr:

What is the best way to detect when a new host is added, but the agent is not responding, or possibly not even installed.

In our case hosts are added automatically via a script/CMDB.  Ideally I would like the Check_MK service check to be created for all hosts as they are added and use this to report the agent as not responding. But that’s not how its working, if the agent is not present/not responding when the host is added, then no checks are created and we are none the wiser to the fact that a host is not being monitored due to a missing or unresponsive agent.

Anyone else worked around this problem

Thanks in advance


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