[Check_mk (english)] Esx datastores unhandled problems not refreshing

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That did the trick !
Thanks !

On 02/27/2015 10:26 AM, Andreas Döhler wrote:
This is a problem of the ESX system itself :)
You ask the ESX hosts directly? If yes then try to ask the vCenter for datastore information. The problem is as follows.

ESX machine 1 - has a machine on every datastore - this machine knows all levels of the datastores
ESX machine 2 - has only machines on one datastore - this machines see's all datastores but only knows the current levels of the datastore with the running machine from all other datastores it knows some historic informations :)

I think this description is very simplified but the problem should be clear.

Best regards

Roelofs, Marc, Springer SBM NL <Marc.Roelofs at springer.com<mailto:Marc.Roelofs at springer.com>> schrieb am Fr., 27. Feb. 2015 um 09:08 Uhr:

I'm new to check_mk and am trying to monitor my esxi hosts.
This all seems to work with the esxi rulesets/datasource programs, "check state of vmware esx via vSphere" .
The problem I now have is that some datastores were filled up lately , and they went to CRIT in the Services Problems pane in check_mk.
We fixed the datastore by moving some vm's around and in vmware all is ok now. Datastore is at 75 % usage.
But the check_mk monitoring still thinks the datastore is filled up to 98% .
How can I get these notifications to go away.
Reloading and removing an readding one of the hosts with the alert did not work .

It seems as it does not refresh but the timer sows it refreshing fine .. Please advise !

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