[Check_mk (english)] WATO add agent?

Lance Tost Lance.Tost at key-stone.com
Thu Jul 2 20:54:01 CEST 2015

So when you click on a host then WATO, do you see something like the following?


I did not add a vsphere agent type.  I'm not sure what the correct way to do this is, but I go to WATO -> Host and Service Paremeters -> Datasource Programs -> Check state of VMWare ESX via vsphere and have a rule for my Windows vCenter server and a rule for my ESXi servers:


Thank you,

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I'm pretty new to the whole WATO configuration style and starting up a
clean system to migrate our existing system to using the omd setup/tools.

Our existing config is managed via scripts, fed hostnames w/tags and
files generated automatically. Nothing was managed in the web interface.

Looking at WATO and OMD I'm seeing a lot of changes that utilize the web
gui for setup/configuration but having problems locating some basic options.

* How to add a host tag to a host?
* How to add an "Agent" type so that when adding a host it's listed in
the available agent types (agent_vsphere I'm looking at you).

I tried to find some documentation and/or youtube tutorials on the WATO
configs but they were to old or didn't cover this.

Are these types of configurations still managed by hand in the config
files? Or am I just missing the options in the WATO web gui?

If there is a site and/or helpful vids feel free to redirect me at
those. Thanks for your time.


Mike Wilson
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