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for such cases, I have started to use the trending feature in WATO -> Parameters for discovered services -> file systems (used space and growth):

-       Enable trend computation

-       Levels on the time left until the file system gets full
When there is not enough space left (in our case) for another 48 hours of continuous growth, the check goes in a warning state. This should work for cases like this...


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I'm wondering if there's any way to correlate services?  For example, we found that often an out-of-control CBS.log file was the culprit to our C: drive filling up on many servers.  So I put a check in to monitor the file and notify if it exceeds what I determined to be a potentially problematic size (let's say 200MB).  Now on some servers where C: has plenty of space, we get notifications for this file being > 200MB, but it's not really anything we need to be concerned with because the C: drive still has a lot of free space (status is OK).

So what I'm wondering is how could I *only* notify (or even go warning/critical) about the CBS.log *if* the C: service is in a non-OK state...?  Is that possible right now?  If not, are there plans to allow for rules that would make this possible?

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