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Andreas Döhler andreas.doehler at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 22:03:21 CET 2015

If you have more then a hand full of hosts at one location with limited
bandwidth it could be good to make a small monitoring instance there and
not get all the agent output to your central monitoring server.
I run some setups where we only get the complete site status once per
minute compressed over ssh for more then 100 hosts. This status file is
only 100 kiloByte per minute for all hosts together. This is also possible
to handle for slow 1 MBit or 2 MBit lines. The data is collected from
remote monitoring host with livedump and then compressed and transferred.

Best regards

Davide Del Grande <davide.delgrande at lanewan.it> schrieb am Mo., 26. Okt.
2015 um 17:09 Uhr:

> Hello.
> When using many plugins (exspecially the VMWare or SQL ones), we noticed
> that the network traffic between the agent and the monitoring server can
> have noticeable spikes.
> This can become an issue if server and agents are connected with limited
> bandwidth.
> Is there any plan to have the agent output compressible, maybe if queried
> on a separate tcp port ?
> For Linux it might be as easy as using wrapper scripts (server-side and
> agent side).
> But for compiled agents (Windows), I could not find an easy way.
> Also, out of curiosity, is there anyone else that "feels" this problem or
> is it due to our relatively poor network connectivity ? ;P Thx!
> --
> Davide DG
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