[Check_mk (english)] UNKNOWN - Database not found in Agent output

Michael Stenz mstenz-design at web.de
Thu Jan 21 20:26:52 CET 2016


as there is currently lot of traffic, but no one answered to my problem i
try it now again. Any Idea?


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Betreff: UNKNOWN - Database not found in Agent output


I use check_mk via omd and Version 1.2.4.p5 and monitor also all my database
servers. With the MySQL DBSize check I want to see the size growth of all my
databases on this hosts. Unfortunately I receive for "one" database the
following error for every host: 
"UNKNOWN - Database not found in Agent output"

The agent output is the following:

information_schema      10240   0
mysql   816397  440
performance_schema      0       0
phpmyadmin      409600  0
system  262144  0

Also I can see system and phpmyadmin db's in my services list of each host.
Any Idea what the problem may be?



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