[Check_mk (english)] Error in dashboard filter

Jason Humes (TCI) jason_humes at toyota.ca
Wed Jul 6 17:46:31 CEST 2016

Did you ever find a resolution/solution for this dashboard filtering by host tag issue?  I’m trying to do the same and finding that setting a filter of host tag = xxxx fails to filter and instead shows all hosts regardless of the tags.  Running 1.2.8p4 here.

Any ideas?


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Hi all
i recently upgraded from 1.2.6p10 CRE to 1.2.6p16 CRE. I use dashboards extensively so i found a bug: when adding a "service statistics" dashlet which should filter certain services with one specific host tag, then this works with all filter views (OK, In Downtime,On Down host, Warning, Unknown, Critical) except the "Total" filter. The result is shown correctly (i.e. the number of the affected hosts)  but when i click on it i get the certain service from all hosts i have in monitoring, not only the ones with the tag i want to have. I cannot remember this bug in 1.2.6.p10.
The host statistics dashlet works with all filter views.

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