[Check_mk (english)] HW/SW Inventory mk_inventory.linux not working.

Paul Bongers check-mk at paul-bongers.nl
Thu Jul 7 20:10:33 CEST 2016

Hi Alejandro,

Have you made the script executable?

If you have, check that the directory you put it in matches the
directory listed in the <<<check_mk>>> section of the agent output as



On 07/07/16 12:47, Alejandro Olivan Alvarez wrote:
> Hi again list!
> I'm trying to test all possibilities of check_mk before continue
> writing my plugins and I'm stuck with something as simple as Software
> / Hardware inventory.
> Initially I just enabled it on WATO and it only show a little info
> about RAM.
> Now, knowing a little bit more about Check_mk internals and reading
> online docs (I know it can be outdated) I realized that in order to
> get true HW/SW inventory, I had to copy mk_inventory.linux plugin into
> agent plugins folder.
> ...well, I did it, and it does not work 
> Since HW/SW is an active check (from what I read and guess) I'm not
> sure whethter or not is it normal that agent plugin output is not
> present on passive check (normal) output
> I have verified this both by running telnet 6556 and with cmk -d
> command .... no mk_inventory.linux output added.
> By examining the shell script itself I see it uses an interval control
> algorithm, but I cannot dig further.
> Running manually the script creates a file in root filesystem
>  /mk_inventory.last. since $MK_CONFDIR, $MK_VARDIR or $REMOTE
> variables are blank...
> What am I missing? how could I troubleshoot this? does active check
> use a different port other than 6556? Is there some setup in WATO? I
> see in WATO the rule does not need configuration...
> Could some one help me?
> Thank you in advance....
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