[Check_mk (english)] check_mk raw edition add hosts with nsclient

Mario Garcia mariog at asp.be
Fri Jul 8 15:23:26 CEST 2016


I need to migrate about 400 windows host which have nsclient to check_mk

but I cannot just uninstall 400 nsclient++ agents and install 400 
check_mk agents in one go.. I need to have a transition period where I 
can add the hosts using nsclient then slowly upgrade to check_mk

I do not know where wato in cmk keeps the config files otherwise I just 
would copy the old nagios services.cfg but where is it done?

or there is another way?

customer has a 7 year old nagios 2 with windows using nsclient.. we 
convinced them to use check_mk with wato but he does not want to have a 
sort of  big bang migration.

thanks alot.

Mario Garcia
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