[Check_mk (english)] Multisite not showing host's IP address

Greg Cabaj Greg.Cabaj at tradition.com
Tue Jul 12 13:11:04 CEST 2016

Dear All,

First of all big thanks to Mathias Kettner and the team for great monitoring package : Check_MK

I just convinced business that it is worth implementing it in our company and building proof-of-concept configuration.

During installation and configuration I found the issue, I could not resolve in the last few days, unfortunately.

-          When I go to multisite page and choose in left-side menu: Hosts -> All hosts -> server1.fqdn.com and click the server1.fqdn.com at the top of table, I can see that "Host addresses" field is empty.

-          Same issue is for all other hosts I aim to monitor.

-          All services are in OK status.

Installation details:

The installation is currently done on one VMware server:

OS: Oracle Linux Server release 6.6
Kernel: 2.6.32-573.8.1.el6.x86_64
Standalone Nagios installation: Nagios Core 4.1.1
Check_MK installed with: check-mk-raw-1.2.8p4-el6-36.x86_64.rpm (Although I intended to use it only for multisite to obtain hosts from Nagios Core)
Livestatus installation with: mk-livestatus-1.2.6p16.tar.gz   (Did run ./configure --with-nagios4 )

The site has been successfully configured in /opt/omd/sites/multisite/etc/check_mk/multisite.mk
The livestatus service/listener has been configured and is running from xinetd.
The nagios.cfg has added appropriate modules (livestatus.o) as per the documentation.

The Livestatus Query Language is returning all server's details, including their IP addresses, but when I go to the GUI I see empty "Host addresses" field for each host.

I see no errors in the logs.

Has anyone experienced anything similar?

I would appreciate very much any hint.
Thanks in advance.


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