[Check_mk (english)] Performance issues on 1.2.8p5, what is this process doing?

Thomas Mashos TMashos at navexglobal.com
Tue Jul 12 19:28:16 CEST 2016

Using 1.2.8p5, I'm running into some performance issues that I think is causing some of my webinject tests to fail (timeout). Periodically, I'll see a bunch of these processes start  (one for each client?) pegging all cores of the CPU to 100%  What is this doing?

python /omd/sites/SJC/share/check_mk/modules/check_mk.py --defaults /omd/sites/SJC/etc/check_mk/defaults --inv-fail-status=1 --hw-changes=0 --sw-changes=0 --cache --inventory-as-check <hostname>

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