[Check_mk (english)] ESXi Ramdisk check

Alex Hargrove ahargrove at cgresd.net
Wed Jul 13 14:42:00 CEST 2016

The API doesn't output ANY information about the ramdisks, or just changed the way it outputs?

>>> Thomas Wittmann <tom.teel at gmail.com> 7/13/2016 3:03 AM >>>
I suppose this is because the vSphere API does not output those values
anymore. I had this on all ESXi hosts i upgraded over time.


2016-07-12 22:21 GMT+02:00 Alex Hargrove <ahargrove at cgresd.net>:

> I was previously able to get Ramdisk checks with the normal vSphere agent
> against my ESXi 5.1 hosts.  I upgraded them to ESXi 5.5U3, and the checks
> went "unknown".  A reinventory does not pick them up again, and I've
> confirmed with two other sites also running ESXi 5.5 that they do not have
> Ramdisk checks at all either.
> Running OMD 1.30.
> Thanks!
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