[Check_mk (english)] windows event log matching

Tost, Lance LTost at armada.net
Wed Jul 13 15:15:23 CEST 2016

I think this is either a bug or I'm not understanding something.  Basically, I want to ignore all events in the Application event logs, regardless of criticality, with the exception of if it matches this regex:

.*SQL Server Scheduled Job.*Priority 1.*Status: Failed.*

I set up logwatch patterns. The second matches my string and the fourth should ignore all other matches.


When I test with the logfile pattern analyzer, it looks correct.  The second rule is green, the fourth orange.. meaning the fourth matches but does not apply because because the second matches first.


But in reality, I never get alerted.  I generate an eventlog, but the LOG Application service status stays green.  If I disable the 4th rule, it then matches (the problem is, so does every other error in an Application log).

What am I doing wrong here?  Seems like a bug to me.

Running version 1.2.8p4.


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