[Check_mk (english)] problems upgrading to Enterprise Edition with CMC core

Steven Winikoff Steven.Winikoff at concordia.ca
Sat Jul 16 01:20:49 CEST 2016

>For your esx_vsphere_counters.diskio errors, change your core back to
>nagios, su to your OMD environment, reinventory your hypervisors with "cmk
>-II $hypervisor", and rebuild your rules with cmk -U, and then change your
>core back to CMC.  It should then build
>your  /omd/sites/prod/var/check_mk/core/config file successfully.

Thank you!  That worked perfectly.

...and even the graphs are working now. :-)

May I ask your advice about upgrading the existing agents on our 
monitored hosts?

     - Steven
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