[Check_mk (english)] Issues with Hard/Soft States in CMK CRE 1.2.8p5

Thomas Wittmann tom.teel at gmail.com
Thu Jul 21 08:57:49 CEST 2016

Hi all
yesterday i saw a strange behaviour in CMK CRE 1.2.8p5 concerning the hard
/soft states on host state checks.
The max check attemps is 5. When the host goes offline, the check attempts
count up correctly but instead of staying at 5/5 (i.e. hard), it goes back
to soft state 1/5, i.e. the host is shown offline in CMK correctly but the
Nagstamon tool f.ex. shows it as no longer being offline.
We tried to switch the host check command to a different service (a HTTP
check in this case) but no luck, same behaviour. Service states are handled
I have no access on this system by myself nor did i set it up, it is a
Debian 8, CMK is installed via package manager, afaik not an OMD install.
Since i have no 1.2.8p5 install at reach in the moment: has anyone had the
same issue already and could give a hint?

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