[Check_mk (english)] Replication between sites broken after upgrade from 1.2.6p16 to 1.2.8p5

Thomas Mashos TMashos at navexglobal.com
Thu Jul 21 16:57:41 CEST 2016

Hmm, website appears to be down now but I'm running the free version downloaded from https://mathias-kettner.de/check_mk_download.html (which I believe is the CRE version, which OMD is part of now?)

When you create the site on the remote server, you give it a name. In Recuncho's case, he named it "local", however when creating the portion on the main site in WATO that connects the remote site (in WATO, this is under "Distributed Sites") he named it "stg-002". Those are the two things that are mismatching. Here is the output from one of my remote sites that shows the site name (which is also the site ID)

[tmashos at SJC-PD-MGMON02 ~]$ omd sites
SITE             VERSION          COMMENTS
SJC              1.2.8p5.cre      default version
[tmashos at SJC-PD-MGMON02 ~]$

So to resolve this, Recuncho needs to either

A) In WATO, remove the "stg-002" site under "Distributed Sites" and create a new one named "local" (however, based on how it's named this isn't the best solution if he has multiple sites IMO)


B) On the remote server, remove the site named "local" and create a new one named "stg-002". (he'll also need to go into "Distributed Sites" in WATO on the main site and logout/login for that site to exchange the new keys)

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I ran into a very similar problem after going from 1.2.6p16 to 1.2.8p4
and had to roll back, and posted about it in June.  No one has replied
with a solution, I think because (and I am only guessing here since
the intention isn't clear) this is the result of the developers
intentionally putting in logic in the WATO/replication code to prevent
duplicate sites.
   This happened with OMD+CMK Raw.

I would be grateful for a solution as well.


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Do you use OMD / CRE or standalone check_mk install?
I have same error with an standalone check_mk install (without OMD / CRE)
in distributed setup:

"'Internal automation error: Site ID mismatch. Our ID is \'local\', but you
are saying we are \'stg-002\'.\nTraceback (most recent call last):\n File
"/usr/share/check_mk/web/htdocs/watolib.py", line 3521, in
automation_push_snapshot\n (our_id, site_id))\nMKGeneralException: Site ID
mismatch. Our ID is \'local\', but you are saying we are \'stg-002\'.\n'"

Remote SITE in WATO is "stg-002".
I do not see where I can change the ID on the remote installation setup.
I only can resolve this error change code in a python file.

Someone knows how to solve this error?

Javier Rubio.
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