[Check_mk (english)] Issue with RRD-Plots

Maik Götte maik.goette at uni-kassel.de
Fri Jul 29 09:02:39 CEST 2016

Hey guys,

found an interesting issue according the dysfunctionality of RRD-Plots.

We have a Webserver in our domain which uses cookies including a 
"-"-sign. Since 1.2.8 there's a bug leading to broken rrd-plots in wato 
when such a "-"-cookie is in the browser cache. If one uses a private 
window or deletes the caches, everything works nicely.

Actually the following change leads to the problem:


1.2.6<               if ( ! preg_match('#^['.$chars.'0-9:_.-]++$#uD', $str))
1.2.8 >               if ( ! preg_match('#^['.$chars.'0-9:_.-@]++$#uD', 

We fixed the problem by simply swapping the "-@":

if ( ! preg_match('#^['.$chars.'0-9:_. at -]++$#uD', $str))

Dunno if this breaks other stuff but for us it is working

Best regards

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