[Check_mk (english)] R: Parallel compilation of nagios configuration

Klockkov Sergey sklochkov.mail at yandex.ru
Wed Sep 28 14:32:06 CEST 2016


While this patch worked on my particular configuration, I'm not completely sure that 
it does not break anything in other cases. Maybe it would be a good idea to get some 
feedback from someone brave enough to test this patch in some other environment 
before submitting the patch for inclusion?

Could anyone who has some substantial reconfiguration time (60+ s) please test my 

28.09.2016, 15:22, "mlist at libero.it" <mlist at libero.it>:
> Very impressive. Did you try to contact check_MK submitting the patch directly
> to them? Maybe they will really appreciate that....
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>> Ogg: [Check_mk (english)] Parallel compilation of nagios configuration
>> Hello all,
>> while using check_mk-1.2.8p11-raw + icinga on a setup with 1000+ servers
>> and 100+ checks per server, I ran into a problem of a very long nagios
>> configuration generation time (more than 6 minutes). It means that if I
>> commited an error in check_mk configuration, I would have to wait for a
>> long time to fix it.
>> Whle reading check_mk source code, I noticed that all configuration
>> compilation happened in a single thread. So I went after an obvious
>> improvement of adding parallelism to the compilation process. The attached
>> patch works for me and speeds up configuration reload time by a factor of
>> 4 on a 8 core server.
>> --
>> Best regards, Klochkov Sergey

Klochkov Sergey

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