[Check_mk (english)] Multiple agent type (check_mk agent and datasource program) for single host..

Mario Garcia Ortiz Mario.garcia.ortiz at asp.be
Fri Apr 7 13:47:06 CEST 2017

did anyone find a solution for this I am in the same case.

there is seldom any answers on the mailing list unfortunately..

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I am using OMD 1.30 (check_mk 1.2.6p12)
I have a specific requirement two monitor the agent host with two different datasources..

1) TCP agent (port 6556) - which monitors with the default check_mk_agent install/run on agent host.
2) Datasource program - To read the data from file on local check_mk server, basically this file comes from another program, which is a native application monitor

My use case is to merge data coming from these two endpoints, so I can view these on host view for specific host.

I tried to load the datasource program for host but it overrides the existing data of the check_mk_agent for that host.

I have seen the another topic which is the similar one, but did not able to do it that way.

I need help if there is any workaround to fix this ?

Thanks & Regards
Ravi Bhure

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