[Check_mk (english)] Can't run script monitoring ORACLE in AIX 5.3

Cuong Le Van lecuong at banbeit.com
Sun Apr 16 15:37:52 CEST 2017

Hello everybody,

I've follow the guide in here: https://mathias-kettner.de/checkmk_oracle.html to setup monitoring Oracle with Check_MK

I was successful monitoring Oracle in Linux. But in the AIX 5.3,  I can't run mk_oracle. 

It's error:

ksh: mk_oracle:  not found

If I changed:

#!/bin/bash to  #!/usr/bin/ksh93, then run:

it's show an error:

line 638: syntax error at line 688: `(' unexpected

Anyone see this error before? 

Please help.

Thank you.


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