[Check_mk (english)] HTTP check virtual host

Tost, Lance LTost at armada.net
Wed Feb 8 20:41:27 CET 2017

Looks like this post is relevant: https://www.mail-archive.com/search?l=checkmk-en@lists.mathias-kettner.de&q=subject:%22%5C%5BCheck_mk+%5C(english%5C)%5C%5D+http+checks%22&o=newest&f=1

I set up my URLs as hosts under a specific folder in WATO and have a host tag to tag them as an SSL or non-SSL site.  Then I have a rule under Check HTTP Service so that all hosts tagged as a website (SSL or non-SSL) have the check_http check run against them.  The problem is, I would like one generic rule that applies to all but some webservers are expecting a vhost header so I need to create custom rules for them so I can check "Virtual host" and put their hostname portion of their URL in (again).  It would be great if this defaulted to whatever was filled into the IP field in WATO then hostname field as a backup.  I tend to put my URLs in from two different sites so the hostname is "site.domain.com_from_site1" and "site.domain.com_from_site2" while the IP field is "site.domain.com"... This "site.domain.com" is what I want the virtual host field to default to.

Any thoughts?  Can you use a variable in the Virtual Host field in the rule?



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