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Simon Hogg simon.hogg at edificom.ch
Tue Sep 4 11:24:14 CEST 2018

Hello all,

We are interested in the Purestorage monitoring as well, and the API approach would be preferred.

Andreas, would you be able to give a rough estimate of the work hours required for this?

Nadeem, would you (or anyone else) be interested in splitting the costs of the devopment in order to get this plugin developed?

Kind regards,


Simon Hogg

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Hi Nadeem,

if you want to use the classic Nagios check, then you should place the check inside "~/local/lib/nagios/plugins" inside your monitoring site.
After this is done you can define a rule for "Active Checks" --> "Classical active and passive Monitoring checks". To access the plugin use the $USER2$ macro for the correct path to the plugin.

A better solution would be to build a special agent using the purestorage API. But this is a bigger task.

Best regards

Nadeem Hanif (T2 International) <nadeem.hanif at take2games.com<mailto:nadeem.hanif at take2games.com>> schrieb am Mo., 3. Sep. 2018 um 08:09 Uhr:

Hey all

Anyone able to get a working check implemented for a purestoreage device

Found this but not sure it’s the best way or really where to place the script


Nadeem Hanif
Snr Systems Engineer
Take Two Games inc.
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