[Check_mk (english)] Invalid Entry in check table.

Hollis Fudge hollisf at schoolhouseit.com
Fri Feb 1 01:49:39 CET 2019


I was doing bulk renaming and after doing a few folders successfully, I
came across this error when trying to do anything in check_mk now. I cannot
apply or discard changes. What is causing this kind of error? Where or in
what config file do I look to fix this issue? Error message posted below.
Version 1.5.0p6.

*Service discovery failed for this host*: Got invalid data:

Invalid entry '[u'CASC-WSUS', u'BOUL-WSUS', u'BROA-WSUS', 'CCHS-WSUS',
'SUN-WSUS', 'UPS-WSUS', 'Valier-WSUS', 'VPS-WSUS']' in check table.
Must be single hostname or list of hostnames

Appreciate any help that will be given!
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