[Check_mk (english)] AS400 plugin?

José Dombrowski | STRATICT jose at stratict.com
Mon Feb 4 17:40:04 CET 2019


I am trying to get the plugin AS400 to work with our i-series. However, I have no clue on were to start. I have been reading on how to install the plugin and so far (I believe) it  is installed somewhere on the system.

A bit of background, I just installed the latest version of CMK 1.5. The idea was to replace the current system running 1.2.6p12. On this old version we have some sort of plugin installed which gives some info over the i-series.

So I have 2 problems:

  1.  If  to upgrade Check_MK, the plugins are not found anymore. I assume the installation of everything newer than 1.2.6 is so different that it installs somewhere else. Add to that, that I am not that knowledgeable in linux. So this makes it a bit difficult to head to any direction...
  2.  If I start from scratch with 1.5 and the new plugin, I am just as lost...

For the old system we are using CentOS 6 (64bit I think) and Check_MK 1.2.6p12. The AS400 system is like any other.

I managed to get a full backup off of the old system, and was able to restore it onto the 1.5. But after this, nothing works.

Can someone shed some light at least into the basics? That could help a lot

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