[Check_mk (english)] Add ldap user into groups without wato

Romain Nuel romain.nuel at inria.fr
Mon Feb 4 17:55:25 CET 2019


I'm currently work on a proof of concept with check_mk 1.5.0p11 and I need your advices. 
I create / maintain users with a LDAP connection, that's work well. But I would like to put these users into groups that are not only ldap groups. 

When I configure a ldap connection (via wato) to put users into groups (via "contactgroup membership") it works well but I can't add a user into a ldap group AND another (handmade) group. If you understand what I mean.. in wato when we use ldap connection to add user into group we can't edit this part after in user config. It seems like it's full ldap or no ldap at all. 

So, I would like to know what is the best way to create-update my cmk groups / contact groups without using ldap connection, and without wato (to be able to automate it..). 
The web API doesn't seems to work to edit ldap user, only for htpasswd user. 
For the moment for me edit the contacts.mk file directly is the only thing that work ? but maybe is there a risk that the file would be overwrite ? 
Another solution ?.. 

Thank you in advance for your help. 

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