[Check_mk (english)] [Ticket#2019012910000104] sftp check not working

Avalon IT support at avalon-it.nl
Tue Feb 5 16:48:19 CET 2019

Hi Guys,

had some time to look into this again:
- Made a new check to external sftp service-> Works as expected
- SFTP check to my own sftp server: still not working (sftp server and
check_mk server in same lan, using local IP, check assigned to check_mk
- changed the port of my own sftp from 8022  to  22 -> works!

So it looks like the check can't handle a different port? I would expect to
click the 'port' box and just type the new port 8022 but that is not working.

Anything else i should do?
Has anyone else tried this on different port with failure/ success?

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