[Check_mk (english)] [Ticket#2019012910000104] sftp check not working

Brian Binder brianjbinder at icloud.com
Tue Feb 5 21:10:30 CET 2019

Ok, if that’s the rule you’re using and you’ve defined 8022 there, then yes, it should work just fine.
Are you able to connect to that port from the monitoring server OUTSIDE of Check_MK?
I didn’t go over the entire thread when replying, so I see the rule you’re using.
Makes no difference if you’re on the same LAN as your SFTP server - please ensure you can connect via other means, like, say:
nmap -sT -p 8022 HOSTIP
Does it respond from the server you’re running the Check_MK instance on?
If you can connect to it successfully, then sure, maybe a Check_MK setting is off and would have to be diagnosed.

> On Feb 5, 2019, at 1:17 PM, Avalon IT <support at avalon-it.nl> wrote:
> Thanks Brian, but i'm confused.
>  If i go to : host & service parameters -active checks - check sftp service and make a new rule, there is a checkbox for Port where i supposedly can enter the portnumber it should find the sftp service on.
> What is this for then?
> What you describe looks like i'll be redefining the way check_mk  looks if the host is there, instead of checking a service
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> 05-02-2019 18:30 (Europe/Amsterdam) - Brian Binder schreef:
> You’ll want to change the rules of:
> Host & Service Parameters
> - Host check command
> - Check connecting to a TCP port
> Add the rules for each to the affected host so it looks at port 8022 instead of 22.
> Use host check command TCP Connect to port 8022: https://cl.ly/0abee6dbc072 <https://cl.ly/0abee6dbc072>
> And check connecting to a TCP port: https://cl.ly/357bbad6575f <https://cl.ly/357bbad6575f>
> Put the explicit host in the conditions area for both
> Wait a few minutes and you should be checking port 8022 and go green for your check
> On Feb 5, 2019, at 9:48 AM, Avalon IT <support at avalon-it.nl <mailto:support at avalon-it.nl>> wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> had some time to look into this again:
> - Made a new check to external sftp service-> Works as expected
> - SFTP check to my own sftp server: still not working (sftp server and check_mk server in same lan, using local IP, check assigned to check_mk server)
> - changed the port of my own sftp from 8022  to  22 -> works!
> So it looks like the check can't handle a different port? I would expect to click the 'port' box and just type the new port 8022 but that is not working.
> Anything else i should do?
> Has anyone else tried this on different port with failure/ success?
> Sander

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