[Check_mk (english)] About: NetApp monitoring stopped working, and what we did to fix it

Carlos Fernández Manteiga cfernandez at bitban.com
Thu Feb 7 15:11:53 CET 2019


We also had this error monitoring several Netapp's:

Querying class environment-sensors-get-iter:  Timeout: Operation
"environment_sensors_iterator::next_imp()" took longer than 25 seconds to
complete [from mgwd on node "node name" (VSID: -1) to mgwd at

And googling took us to:

The solution to this error is renewing the SP certificates as Jordan said.
The commands to fix it are:

set -privilege advanced
system service-processor api-service renew-certificates

And that's all, monitoring come back to life.


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BitBan Technologies S.L.

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